Spuul Wallet

Your Spuul wallet balance contains credits as a thank you from us for subscribing to the service. These credits can be redeemed to watch rental movies of your choice. In some countries, our consumers can manually add credits to their Spuul wallets and redeem these for subscription fees. If this is unavailable in your country, don't worry and stay tuned for an update.

To use your Spuul wallet credits, go to the rental movie of your choice, select the option that says 'Pay With Spuul Wallet' and watch your movie uninterrupted!

Things To Note:
1. Wallet credits added by Spuul are non - encashable and non - transferrable.

2. Wallet credits added by Spuul can only be redeemed to watch rentals.

3. Wallet credit add - ons by Spuul are exclusively available for Premium subscribers.

4. Wallet credits added by Spuul will expire upon cancellation of Premium subscription.