The videos have poor quality. How do I make the video streams better?

The quality of your stream is dependent on your internet speed. You’ll need a minimum of 300kbps downstream but we recommend having at least 1.5mbps for a smooth playback experience.

You can test your downstream bandwidth at Once there, click on the green “Begin Test” tab to initiate a speed test. Once completed, your downstream bandwidth is displayed in the “Download” box near the middle of your screen.

If you would like to save on your bandwidth, we have implemented a way for you to do it on your desktop.

  1. When you start playing the movie on your computer, you would see an HD button on the player. Click on it.
  2. The HD button opens up a resolution selector toggle - this will allow you to select the resolution you are comfortable watching the content on.
  3. Select a lower resolution if you are in a low bandwidth network and a higher resolution if you have access to faster internet. Enjoy!