I purchased a subscription but I don't seem to have a premium account

It is possible that the subscription purchase did not complete. Please verify your subscription is active via this link to iTunes.

If you have bought the subscription but the Spuul app on that device is not showing your account as premium chances are you have not logged into Spuul yet or have connected the purchase with your Spuul account. When clicking on a premium movie if you are presented with the paywall - you will see a link for restore subscription. This will verify the purchase and attempt to log you into Spuul at the same time. This will connect your purchase to your Spuul account.

Please be sure to use this same login across all your devices and any computers so that you get your premium account benefit everywhere you use Spuul. If you choose not to login or create an account your subscription will still work on that device but over time you will need to restore again and your subscription won't be available on other devices or


Please note that Apple does not send us your personal information when subscribing so that is why the restore subscription is in place which restores your subscription and attempts to connect your purchase with your Spuul account. If you have never logged into Spuul before this will ask you to create a Spuul account.